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Jesse Boyd

Mortgage Agent
Licence #: M19002663
Direct: 6138883982
Mobile: 6138883982


Having a custom tailor is one of life’s many luxuries. Tailors are trusted to go from top to bottom and make sure everything is measured to perfection. Being up to date with the latest trends and the ability to see what’s coming is what creates that perfect fit.
Mortgages from the banks are one size fits all. If you don’t fit then they won’t help you anymore. That is really where I can be your partner. When the banks say no that is when it feels like all those dreams aren’t going to come true. We will look at all our options and come up with a path to realizing that dream. On the flip side when the banks say yes, I can often find the same or better rate but with more favourable terms.
I want to be your tailor. I want to help you get the mortgage plan that fits you best, so you can start to build wealth with real estate.  When you choose me to be your mortgage tailor, we will work on getting you the perfect mortgage so you can enjoy the home you fell in love with.
I have spent the majority of my professional life working to help the little guy get a fair deal from the big corporation. Advocating for my clients comes naturally to me because I actually care about their well-being. A tailor is someone you keep because you never know when you’ll need an emergency day-of repair. Yeah life happens and we will get through it together. Now let’s buy that house.

Serving: Kingston, Napanee
Languages Spoken: English, French

Lowest Rates* in Canada

Lowest Rates* in Canada
Term Our Rate Bank Rate
3 Year Fixed 2.04% 3.49%
5 Year Variable 1.99% 3.59%
5 Year Fixed 2.09% 3.00%
12 Aug 2020

Updated: August 01, 2017

Rates may vary between geographic regions and the posted rates on this website may not be available in your area. Please contact your local CENTUM office for more details.

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